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It takes years to build your business - don't lose it all in seconds

Right now, cybercriminals are targeting MSP networks with highly sophisticated ransomware attacks. The average cost of an attack for small and medium-sized businesses is approximately $1.1 million, with 26 days of downtown and interruption. Can you afford to lose that?

  • High-quality Tech E&O Insurance
  • 30% avg. savings for qualified clients
  • Integrated underwriting with tech stack
  • Pre-approved coverage for new and existing clients
  • Fast and easy partnership approval

We only partner with MSPs that meet stringent security benchmarks and by doing so, they are awarded with:

Everyone's protected

Everyeone's insured

Everyone wins

Improved client security

Secure Tech E&O Insurance

New referrals and revenue streams

Becoming a SeedPod Cyber Partner is fast and simple

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What SeedPod Cyber Partners are saying

Luis Alvarez, President & CEO

Alvarez Technology Group Inc

"We appreciate the ability to provide solutions to ourselves and our clients from a risk management perspective, as well as have a more frequent consideration on implementing industry standard security controls.”

“Partnering with SeedPod has provided a clear and efficient way to analyze our clients' cyber requirements. Our clients have appropriate, and up-to-date protection, with a clear understanding of what is included in their coverage."

Brian David, Managing Partner

Lloyd Group

"Cybersecurity insurance is the final piece of protection our clients need and is tremendously important. Our small business and Fortune 500 clients now have access to another layer of smart tactical cybersecurity defense."

Ryan Loya, Dir. of Sales & Marketing



Smarter coverage from loss and attacks

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